Video Production

Most people understand how important online video is but procrastinate about using it in their marketing. While they’d like to, they feel intimidated, overwhelmed or just plain don’t have the time to learn how to make professional videos.

They might not know what to say, how to create an effective call to action, how to film with lights and a mic, or are just plain nervous. Sound familiar? No worries! We’ve got you covered.


Video Doesn’t Have to Feel Overwhelming or Intimidating

We partner with our clients in a variety of ways from providing tips on our blog, sharing the products you need so you can do it yourself, to working with you every step of the way, including helping you feel comfortable in front of the camera. We’ve got just the right solution for you.

Services that we provide for your online content videos include:


Professional intro / outro

Creation of a professionally produced intro and call to action outro, both with music, voice over, and includes your show name and logo.


Content planning/editing

Assistance in planning your topics and writing or editing your scripts, including crafting that all important call to action.


On-camera Coaching

Instruction and coaching regarding on-camera presence so you will come across authentically and effectively connect to your audience.


Video Shoot

Filming can be done with a green screen or on location, with one or two cameras, and with a tele-prompter if you desire. B-roll (background footage) can be filmed on location.



Production of video, with editing that includes background selection and incorporating captions, images, the b-roll (if any), the intro and outro, and background music.



Distribution of your completed video across the web, on ROKU smart TV or on your own  web TV channel. For more exposure, become a host on one of our BizTV Shows networks.

Choose all of the above services or just the ones you need.

Build Credibility Quickly with a Web TV series or a ROKU channel

Host your own web TV Show

With a web TV series you gain instant credibility with potential clients, meeting/event planners, or strategic partners. An even bigger impact is made when your series is selected to be part of a platform, such as our BizTV Shows® networks, which is considered “endorsed or earned media.”


Show Your Amazing Content on The Big Screen

Distribute your videos through Roku boxes or Smart TVs, which connect viewer’s televisions to the Internet. Having a Roku channel can be an effective strategy for brand building, generating ad revenue and increasing sales.

Your show can be 15, 20 or even 30 minutes long with new episodes airing as frequently as you desire. Support your show with advertising revenue from your own sponsors or Roku generated advertising.

The living room screen is a growing customer interaction point, with the total number of Internet-connected TV’s projected to double within the next 5 years and reach 876 million by 2020. The time to create your Roku channel is NOW! Contact us for more information.


So, are you ready to increase your visibility and position yourself as a thought leader?

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