I just created a new video for my BizTV Shows channel about practice. If you haven’t watched that yet, go now to do that.

I agree with this quote by Frank Sonnenberg:

“Practice doesn’t make perfect if you’re doing it WRONG!”
In my video I share three ways to do “deliberate practice” to become more accomplished at creating online videos. Here’s an example from our show host (who gave me permission to share this with you), Jim Fisher of Fisher Wealth Creations.

This is from his very first filming experience. Watch this now.

Not bad, right? In fact, it’s good for a first video.

BUT, here’s Jim six months later, after he consciously used the steps of deliberate practice to improve his delivery.

This video intro is engaging, creative and a huge difference from his initial video, right?

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of watching your videos and evaluating where you can improve. With repetition you might feel more comfortable in front of the camera, but your delivery may be no better.

For ideas to improve your videos, go watch the best practices section of my channel page on Toledo BizTV Shows. You’ll even see an interview with Jim where he talks about his improvement.

If I can be of any assistance to you, please email me.

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