In our videos, we only have 7 – 10 seconds to create an emotional connection with our viewers so they don’t hit the stop button!   Here’s the good news – people listen to people they like.  So our goal, especially in those crucial first few seconds, is to be a likeable video presenter.  If we achieve that goal, we open the door to establishing that essential emotional connection.

So the question we each have to ask ourselves is, “am I likeable?”

You probably are in person, but do you come across as likeable on your videos?

The sad news is if we don’t come across as likeable in our videos, we’re wasting our time creating them because we won’t attract prospects or build credibility if no one watches the video past the first few seconds.

If you’d like to hear three ways to be more likeable in your videos, be sure to watch my latest episode on Toledo BizConnect TV.    In this post, I am going to explore in more depth the number one way to be more likeable on your videos.  Can you guess what it is?  Smiling!

SmilingPeople are attracted to others that smile, authentically!  It truly is the quickest way to establish an emotional connection with another person.  However, for most people, smiling at our video cameras doesn’t feel natural – after all, we don’t want an emotional connection with our camera.  That means we have to make a conscious effort to put a smile on our faces, an authentic smile.


Here are a few tricks to help make that easier:

  1. Pretend the camera is your best client and you are communicating directly to them.  You could even tape their picture to the bottom of your camera.
  2. Before you start recording, put yourself in a positive state of mind.  A few ways to do that include:
    1. Look at a picture, cartoon or video that makes you laugh
    2. Look at yourself in the mirror and just start laughing at yourself trying to make yourself laugh
    3. Count your blessings – that always makes us feel better
    4. Boost your energy by doing some stretches; then try something that is hard for you, like bouncing up and down on one foot for a certain amount of time…especially if you laugh at yourself when you are done

Find something that puts you in a happy, positive state of mind and then get out of your head and just record the video as if you were talking to someone in person.  If you do this, your viewers will feel your positive happy energy and will want to listen to you.


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