What follows is an excerpt from my information product, the Choose Success Guide Workbook for Creating Online Video Scripts Using the AIDA Formula.  Enjoy:

In this section we’ll go back to the beginning of the model to discuss how to use the first “A” in the AIDA marketing formula to create videos that grab your viewer’s attention!

Grab AttentionThe first A in the AIDA marketing formula stands for attention.  When used with crafting video scripts, this is the title of our video as well as our hook, what we say in the first seven to ten seconds.

Other than the title there is one more thing that viewers assess before they push that all important “PLAY” button.  Can you guess what it is?

They look at how long the video lasts!

Yes, that’s right. People watch videos to be entertained or educated and the statistics show that people will not even begin a video if it’s longer than four minutes!  Four minutes!!  It doesn’t seem like a long time but people will look at the length and make a decision whether they have time to watch or not.  If it’s over four minutes, statistics show they decide to watch it later (and later usually doesn’t come).  If it’s between three and four minutes, they look at the title and make a decision about watching.  If it’s shorter than three minutes and the title has grabbed their attention, they will start the video.

In order to get them to even be interested in checking out how long a video is, it has to have a title that attracts their attention.

Writing a title that grabs attention

When writing a video title there are two things to consider: creating a title that grabs the viewer’s attention, by identifying who the video is for and what problem is going to be solved, and incorporating a keyword or keyword phrase that will help the video be found by the people who need to hear the message conveyed in the video.

Finding the perfect combination of these two is not always easy!

This workbook is not meant to be a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) primer; so below you’ll find just a few SEO tips for your title incorporated with other title writing tips.  If you want to ensure that you are creating titles that will be ranked highly by the search engines, you might want to consult an SEO expert.

To learn more about this and all the other components of writing video scripts that convert, check out my online course, The Choose Success Guide to Creating Online Video Scripts That Convert.

Here are three tips for writing titles that include both components:

  • Include words that are searched in your title.  It’s easy to rank #1 on Google for a term or phrase that no one ever searches.  Give some thought to what people, who are looking for your video content, would likely type into a search engine.  If you don’t have a favorite keyword research tool, just type what you believe to be your best keyword or keyword phrase into WordTracker’s Free Keyword Tool and see if it ranks.
  • Put keyword dense words first so people who are searching will see the particular words or phrases.  As I’ve already mentioned, people are impatient, especially online.  Putting important words first helps viewers, who are looking for information related to your content, find your video.

 One of my favorite ways to incorporate the title writing tips is to create a two part title.  A good strategy is to put the keyword part first and then a catchy phrase that grabs attention next.  For example:

Most Content Marketing Fails: 3 Tactics B2B Content Marketers Must Use To Avoid Disastrous Results

 Keyword:  Content Marketing

Catchy phrase that mentions the symptom: 3 Tactics B2B Content Marketers Must Use To Avoid Disastrous Results

Ideal client:  B2B Content Marketers

The product that this segment is excerpted from also includes a video with additional information.




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