Finding your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for your business requires some soul searching.

Did you know there are 4.68 billion pages on the Internet?

All competing for attention!

Unique Selling PropositionYou have to find a way to be unique and commit to yourself that you will portray that uniqueness in everything you do, including your videos. You can no longer compete on lowest price, best customer service or best quality because hundreds of your competitors offer that as well.

As I mentioned in my episode on Toledo BizTV Shows, I believe the top three ways to differentiate yourself from your competition are:

  1. Your personality
  2. Your understanding of your client
  3. Your service or product fits a niche of a niche of a niche; in other words find a small subset of your general area

For more information and examples of these three, check out my video episode.

It seems that the most successful solo-entrepreneurs or small business owners are those that show their USP in a way that emotionally connects with their target audience.  Maybe we should call it Unique Emotional Selling Proposition!

Entrepreneurs, who have a strong humorous personality or quiet loving energy about them, easily attract people who want to be around them because of their personality traits.  It’s emotional.

Small business owners that truly understand their clients, because they have gone through the same experience themselves, build a following of people who are extremely loyal because they realize the small business owner really gets them.  It’s emotional.

Finally, those individuals that elect to specialize in a subset of their main product/service easily attract people who have a specific need and are looking for a person to satisfy that particular issue.  They are extremely grateful when they find the solution.  It’s emotional.

If don’t already have a USP or if you USP isn’t emotion oriented, I encourage you to download my questionnaire to help in your analysis.

Be on the lookout for my next video episode on Toledo BizTV Shows where I talk about how to incorporate your USP into your videos (or any marketing materials, for that matter).

Leave a comment and let me know your USP.

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