video testimonialGreat testimonials provide credibility for the recipient of the testimonial.  However, research shows that a person who visits a website finds video testimonials much more believable than written testimonials.

When you record a video testimonial for someone or ask an individual to do one for you, the 30 second testimonial video should include these three components; I call them the 3 R’s.

Component #1 – the Reason.  Explain your reason for needing this person or companies help.  The more authentic/vulnerable you are, the better, so you may have to expose a weakness or loss.  This makes you  seem more real and people can relate to you.   Start with your name and company, but remember this is about them, so just state this information.

Wording examples include:

  1. I don’t know anything about marketing
  2. I’ve wasted xxx on advertising that didn’t work
  3. I’m a technical idiot
  4. I spent xxx on websites that didn’t work
  5. I kept my accounting receipts in a shoe box and missed deduction on my taxes
  6. I didn’t have a clear vision for my company
  7. I was blind to the fact that my own beliefs were holding me back
  8. I ran around networking meetings collecting and passing out lots of business cards

Component #2 – the Response.  This is what the person did for you so just explain the product or services that you received from this company.  Begin by naming the person and company and talk about the type of product or service that was provided to you.

Wording examples include:

  1. I contracted with xxx for their 6 month coaching program
  2. I hired xxx to work with me to create a marketing plan for 2012
  3. I attended xxx training program
  4. I became a member of their MasterMind group

Component #3 – the Results.  When you reveal the results you received from working with this person or company be as specific as possible.  Mention that you increased your income by $21,238 instead of saying my sales grew by over $20,000.   Precise numbers are much more believable so your comments will have a much bigger impact on the viewers.

Wording examples include:

  1. After working with xxx, I went from ___ to _____ in ____ weeks/months
  2. Within ____ weeks/months, I stopped ____ and started _____
  3. After working with xxx, I experienced a ____% improvement in ________
  4. I have had _____% better results with your company/program/system than any other company I hired in the past
  5. I can finally _____ for the first time in _____________ months/years
  6. My business grew by  _____% in ____ wks/months
  7. My client referrals grew by ____% in ____ wks/months
  8. My website sales grew by ____% in ____ wks/months
  9. I gained an average of _________ new clients/new business in __________ wks/mo.
  10. I have experienced ______% more freedom in my professional/personal life and have even been able to ____________
  11. I am able to save _______ hours each week

Finally, just close the testimonial video with a simple statement such as “Because of the great results I experienced, I highly recommend XXXXXX.”

The individual that you create this video for will appreciate you for taking the time to create a powerful video testimonial for them.  Check out my video on this topic on Toledo BizTV Shows.

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