Article Writing/Blogging/Social Media Posting

You’ve probably heard it already – blogging is important to your business. Why? It helps drive traffic to your website and can improve your ranking on Google because each new post is another indexed page on your website. Blogging also gives you another piece of content to share on social media.

The best blogs, reside on up-to-date responsive websites, and answer common questions your leads and customers have. If you’re consistently creating content that’s helpful for your target customer and sharing it with the world through social media and your newsletter, it’ll help establish you as an authority in their eyes.


What You Need to Know To Achieve the Results You Desire

Using your website and blog to build authority sounds great, right? But there’s a catch! The content has to be good and not only good, but original. Blog posting needs to be consistent, twice a month minimum. And here’s the thing: you probably don’t do it consistently even though you intend to because you don’t have time for it and/or you don’t know what to write, true?

Writing Doesn’t Have to Be Overwhelming and Time Consuming For You

Imagine how you’ll feel when you have an up-to-date blog or eNewsletter without needing to actually write anything. Our team can assist with planning your topics, writing in your voice or editing your rough drafts, image sourcing, posting to your blog and handling the social media to promote it. If this sounds like what you need to free up your time to do what you love, let’s have a conversation.

Types of writing our team can provide for you, include



Blog writing, image sourcing and posting


Ezine Administration

Newsletter writing and publication with list maintenance


Social Media

Social media post creation and scheduling


Article Writing

Digital magazine column writing and publication


Website Development

Structure and content creation for websites


Script Writing

Script creation, for either content or training videos

Find out how to become a columnist or be on the cover of our digital magazine, Soar to Success.


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